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Sunflowers...getting ready for summer!

I am a sucker for sunflowers.

Last week I used a bead embroidered fiber piece to illustrate the need for plenty of material.  Folks commented on it, so I thought it might be good to show you the very few in process shots that I have.  This is how it started out: I used someone else's pattern to make the flowers, probably back in the early 90s.  I'm ashamed to say that I've got no idea whose pattern they are, so if you know, please leave the info in the comments for me and I'll update this post.  I originally appliqued them to a white men's style shirt which I wore over leggings.  Ooo ick.  Except that back then I actually looked pretty good in them!

Anyway, once I was absolutely sure that I would NEVER again ask that much from spandex, I painstakingly removed the appliques from the shirt and stitched them onto a painted piece of muslin.  I was working on doing graduated colors, as you can see.  Using a fabric marker, I wrote on the words and thought that I might be finished.  No such luck...

I'll take you through the rest of the steps next week!

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Waste not; want not. I like that.

It's cool to recycle/upcycle things that's just aren't in vogue any more.
Cyndi L said…
LOL!! Thanks Eileen ;-)
* said…
nice work! :-)