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stART Journaling: An Art Journaling Workbook (Art Journal Workbook) by Kristy Conlin Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling: A Workbook of Collage, Transfers and More (Art Journal Workbook) by Kristy Conli Mixed Media Storytelling Workbook: Art Journaling Inspiration, Words and Prompts (Art Journal Workbook) by Kristy Conli Doodle, Draw, Journal: An Art Journaling Workbook (Art Journal Workbook) by Kristy Conlin Fabric Surface Design: Painting, Stamping, Rubbing, Stenciling, Silk Screening, Resists, Image Transfer, Marbling  by Cheryl Rezendes Mastering Mosaics: 19 Artists, 19 Projects by Rayna Clark Colorific: Unlock the Secrets of Fabric Selection for Dynamic Quilts by Pam Goecke Dinndorf Back-Basting Applique: Step by Step by Hand or Machine by Barbara Eikmeier Technorati Tags: mixed media , collage , assemblage , digital art , photography , altered books , art journals

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Mike and me, young and foolish!

Vulture quilt - part three

The next step in my vulture quilt was to stitch the tucks into the painted top, and then to get it backed and ready for quilting. 1. Use fabric chalk to draw a central circle to be cut out. 2. Carefully cut it out with small sharp scissors. 3. Use pins to form the tucks.  I plan to stitch along the shaft of each feather. 4. Use embroidery thread to do a simple running stitch along each tuck. 5. This is what the piece will look like when the tucks are all finished. 6. Pin the top to a piece of batting. 7. Pin all the tucks going in the same direction in the center. 8. Snip out the center piece of batting along the same line as the top. 9. Add a piece of backing fabric and snip out the center again.  Pin all layers together around the center and the outer edges. Next time, the quilting.  It's going to be a few weeks, because I'm going to be getting together with family, and you know what that means for work!  S

Artsy blogging round-up!

ACreativeDream   June's participating in the Index Card a Day challenge... she's up to 20...   An Eiffel Tower, Solar Light, and Glass   Cherie makes a cheesetastic glass sculpture using Dollar Store materials.   Beading Arts   Make your own unique and colorful head pins...using nail polish!   Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world   This week at Craftside there is a pattern for a crocheted sun applique, tutorials on how to set up a still life and print with unusual elements along with a recipe for cinnamon scones. Sweater Lessons   Another class is almost finished, and Crafty Princess is learning a lot, even though she's so-so on sweaters right now.   Time-Stressed? Laugh at Time with this Crafty Desk Clock.   This goofy cartoon calendar desk clock will have you laughing at time rather than feeling stressed by it. It's very easy to make as well!   Technorati Tags: mixed media , collage , assemblage , digital art , photograph

Calls for entries and submissions

Hands reader challenge Deadline: 08/02/13  Art Journaling Deadline: 08/15/13  Technorati Tags: mixed media , collage , assemblage , digital art , photography , altered books , art journals

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Vulture quilt - part two

I got my fabric from  Spoonflower , and here it is!  I ordered a yard, with the design printed out four times as fat quarters.  I only want to use one fat quarter for the current project, so I figured that this would give me four tries to get it right...I'm a little under-confident about painting it this time. Here is one fat quarter ripped to size.  What you're looking at is my feather pattern from last week,  a  digital line drawing  which I rotated to create a radiating pattern.  The unprinted white lines are the feather shaft.  So here we go!  1. Mix up watered down acrylics in the colors you want to use.  I went for sunset colors: deep gold, deep orange, red, red violet, violet, and blue violet. 2.  The colors will be slightly brighter/darker when the piece is wet, so don't be afraid.  I really don't have to be afraid, because I've got three more tries if this one messes up! 3. When the fabric is dry, iron it to set the colors.  As lo

Artsy blogging round-up!

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery   How to make a recycled magazine font Father's Day card. Amigurumi Challenge   The Crafty Princess shows off one of her most challenging amigurumi projects so far.  Beading Arts   Aren't found objects fun? Join Cyndi to see what she does with ceramic insulators!   Celebrate Independence Day with Free Templates   The Artful Crafter has free party favor templates: one for Canada Day (July 1) and one for U.S. Independence Day (July 4).     Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world   This week at Craftside there are tutorials on how to make a heart doodled Father's Day card, 20 ways to draw a hedgehog, rubber stamp on a tortilla with food coloring and some fun kangaroo art.   Technorati Tags: mixed media , collage , assemblage , digital art , photography , altered books , art journals

Yay for Dolores!

Dolores, who writes True Blue Canadian , is the winner of our   Paper Pups  book giveaway!  Congratulations!!

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

Might be even more fun to build than to see...I'll have to ask Dani, who works for Michael Curry Design !

Book review: Cutting-Edge Art Quilts

You know that I review a lot of books.  And since there's only a certain number of hours in each day, it is rare that I read every single word in each book, especially because many contain very similar material.  HOWEVER, every now and then a book comes along that I spend many hours with until I feel that I've absorbed all it has to offer.  And then I read it again. Cutting-Edge Art Quilts by Mary W Kerr (published by Schiffer Books ) is such a book.  Mary has collected the work of dozens of artists into one amazing volume.  Each artist has shared a statement about his or her work, including inspirations, methodology, materials, and when appropriate, technique tips for the reader.  As my eye darted back and forth between these words and the incredible images of work that is included, I felt a swell of pride in these artists.  These are the people who make us proud to work in mixed media and in art quilting.  These are the people who have worked for years and years to ma

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What I received for Mother's Day from Dani.  Is she trying to tell me something? via ThinkGeek

Infinite Love

Infinite Love is a very small art quilt that I stitched, using the hybrid beadweaving/bead embroidery motif method that I developed for my newest e-book, Bored By Back Stitch .  The beaded motifs look like flowers, sea life, or just geometric designs, depending upon the stitches chosen.  For the piece above, I used the embroidered versions of the Russian spiral and the African helix (shown below).  I used buttons instead of cabochons for the centers.  More information on the stitching can be found at the link above. Russian Spiral African Helix Copyright 2013 Cyndi Lavin. All rights reserved. Not to be reprinted, resold, or redistributed for profit. May be printed out for personal use or distributed electronically provided that entire file, including this notice, remains intact. Technorati Tags: mixed media , collage , assemblage , digital art , photography , altered books , art journals

Artsy blogging round-up!

Beading Arts   It's Mixed Media Month on Beading Arts! Do you have some work you'd like to share?   Beautiful Needlework   Scandinavian needlework is gorgeous and the topic of a new book Crafty Princess Diariies reviews.   Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world   This week at Craftside there are tutorials on how to make a glitter mushroom Zentangle ATC and how to paint a single value painting, an interview with Carla and Steve Sonheim, and a recipe for chocolate cherry preserves.   Printable Coupons for Father’s Day   Looking for a fst and fun gift for Father's Day? Look no further!   Publishing a Creative Planner   Cherie works on her goal of creating a new and different planner.   Where do You Find Your Inspiration?  Eileen tells what has inspired her lately. Please share in the comments what inspires YOU to create.   Technorati Tags: mixed media , collage , assemblage , digital art , photography , altered books , art journals

Reader question: Art journals

I just came across your wonderful handmade art journal, and was wondering if you sell these? I am particularly interested in the Monopoly one. What would one cost, and do you offer a discount if I'd like to purchase several? All best, Pascal Hi, Thank you very much for your nice note.  I'm sorry, but I do not sell these journals...rather, I fill them up as soon as I make them.  Mostly I make them as samples for teaching, so if you'd like to make one yourself, I could recommend some good resources to you, starting with my Book Arts page .   I don't have a specific tutorial for that exact book, but the techniques can be found in either of the books by Shereen LaPlantz or Alisa Golden , which you'll find listed at the 5th link (books about books) in the list above. And here's a tutorial for a stab binding style that is really easy to do and would probably work well for your Monopoly journals! Best wishes on all your projects ~ Cyndi Technorati

Book review and giveaway: Paper Pups

Are you familiar with Kirigami ?  I've spoken about it a couple of times here, but it's never been one of my big things.  For those who aren't familiar, kirigami is similar to origami, but includes cutting as well as folding. Now Hiroshi Hayakawa has designed and written a book for Lark Crafts , called Paper Pups .  It includes 35 dog designs that you can photocopy, cut, and fold. I have to admit that this isn't the type of craft that generally appeals to me, but her designs are pretty darned cute.  If you've got some children around, these would be a lot of fun, especially if you've got dog lovers.  And what children aren't dog lovers? GIVEAWAY ALERT!!! If you'd like to win a copy of  Paper Pups ,  here's what you need to do... please read this carefully.   Leave me a  comment here and include your email address.  If I don't see your email address, I won't be able to contact you.  No contact, no win, and I simply have to go on t

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Vulture quilt - part one

Several weeks ago, we were visited by a flock of seven turkey vultures, making their way northwards.  I had to go look it up, because I was pretty sure "flock" wasn't the right word.  Wow!  It turns out that they can be called a "kettle" when they're in flight, a "committee" when they're perching, and if they're feeding...get this...they can be called a "wake".   Well, we had a kettle of them spiraling overhead, choosing to become a committee in our woods for two nights before they moved on.  Fascinating birds.  Huge, ugly as can be, magnificent in flight, ungainly when perching.  But for some reason I can't explain, I love them. My next quilt is inspired by the vultures.  I started with a scan of a feather (don't worry, I put it back!) and turned that into a  digital line drawing  which ended up being manipulated even further.  From there, the file went to my favorite,  Spoonflower  . The fabric should be here s