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Book Review: Mixed Media Collage

Mixed-Media Collage
by Holly Harrison
Starting with in-depth interviews and explorations of the work of five collage artists, this book brings you deep into their creative processes.

I found Laurinda Bedingfield’s work especially interesting, and immediately went to the internet to see if she has a website. Lucky us! Studio 61 is full of Laurinda’s artwork.

Each profiled artist shares techniques as well, so this is not just a book for inspiration. The steps that the artist goes through to create their signature work is quite abbreviated, though, so this is not the book for you if you’re really looking for a how-to book on collage techniques.

The second half of this book is a gallery, full of beautiful examples of the work on many well-known mixed media artists. Holly also managed to introduce me to some artists that I was not familiar with. I appreciated seeing more than the artists I already know and love.

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looks like an interesting book!