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Adding to your fabric stash…

Just what you need, more fabric…right? Of course!

Contemporary Cloth
Fabrics from all over the world!

Marbled Arts
Hand-dyed marbled cottons.

Dharma Trading
All the raw materials ~ cotton, silk, dyes, paints, marbling supplies, etc.

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Diane said…
Beautiful--I love this Cyndi!!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks guys! This one always brings summer back to my mind :-)
Beth said…
This makes me very happy. It is fresh and just what the afternoon calls for. Thank you.
I love Dharma Trading. Have to check out the others. Thanks, Cyndi.
Tammy said…
Actually, since I haven't been sewing like I used to, my fabric stash is a tad on the sad side. thanks for the links.