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Cheese cloth background paper

I found this image of a background paper that I made a long time ago.  Since that time, I've used it for a piece that I didn't end up liking very much!  Oh well, that's just how it goes sometimes :-)

I think maybe I'll start making a few more of these to have hanging around for when inspiration strikes.  Honestly, I sometimes think that I like making the background papers and fabrics more than the finished pieces!

1. Gather up the acrylic paints that you want to use, a big piece of watercolor paper, sea sponges, paper towels, water, and a layer of cheese cloth.  Take the time to spread the cheese cloth out and unwrinkle it.

2. Add a few layers of acrylics, sponging and scraping as you please.

3. Add the cheese cloth to a wet layer of paint, scrunching it as needed to fit the paper.  Allow the paint to dry.  Add more layers around the edges and randomly across the cloth to anchor it well to the paper.

4. Acrylic paint is adhesive, so this is probably going to be all the "glue" you need to use.  However, if it doesn't stick well enough to suit you but you don't want to add more color, simple sponge on a layer of liquid acrylic medium, uncolored.  That should do the trick! 

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Ohh, I really like this many things I can think of to do this to!
Diane said…
A wonderful background with so many possiblities!
Genevieve said…
I see you have a link to Pat Dews' composition book in the sidebar... Do you also have her video Designing Great Starts with Texture and Form? She talks about creating a bunch of "starts" so that when you're ready to do a painting, you're not faced with the dreaded white canvas.
Cyndi L said…
June and Diane...thanks! I love that almost ghostly texture.

Genevieve...NO! I don't know that book. Sounds like a winner, so thanks so much for telling me about it. That's kind of what I do already, make lots of backgrounds and then say, OK, which one today? :-)