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Digital effects

Another topic we visit pretty frequently here is different digital effects tips and tutorials (including those that mix physical and digital work). So I thought that they should get compiled for future reference too!

Combining painted pieces into digital imagery

Free online photo editor - Canva

Digital line art methods 

Achieving sepia tones

Poster edges in Photoshop 

Expanded squares

Old linen postcard look for your photos

Using the pointillism filter in Photoshop

Duotone prints with Photoshop

Van Gogh style flowers

Fractured photographs

A spooky tree - playing with layers

Hand-tinted prints with Photoshop

Adding a shadow with Photoshop

Photoshop border with a burned edge

Combining cartoon and vintage imagery

Creating a glowing blurred border

Tesselation tool online

Graphic style florals

Messing around with curves

Mixed media piece with watercolor background

Combining texture shots into a new image

Making a layered digital collage

Mixing digital and physical art

Digital manipulation with a torn landscape

"Match color" in Photoshop

Black and white conversion methods with Photoshop

Pop art with Photoshop

How to make a digital Polaroid image transfer

Infrared with Photoshop

Cyanotypes with Photoshop

How to create a peaceful landscape

Making a digital stamp

How to digitally create "fuzzy memories"

Creating a digital mixed media collage

Using a gradient fill

Encased tissue paper

Multiplying your color options

Digital collage using scanned background papers

Adding an embossed layer to your photos

Gaussian blur

A photographic collage

Transparent digital backgrounds