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Sunflowers - part two

The rest of the sunflower fiber piece was just a matter of embellishment!  I started by intensifying the color.  It would have been easier to do that before stitching on the flowers, but no, I couldn't think of that!  No big deal...that's why they make small paint brushes.  After that, there were three main tasks to accomplish:

1. Couch down variegated fibers in swirling patterns to help bridge the painted colors.

2. Bead along the written words with a running stitch.  The written letters may make it look like back stitch in this photo, but it's not.

3. Add clusters of beads to the background and sprinkle some beads around the flower centers.   

See part one

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Heather said…
Hi Cyndi, the intensified color really made the flowers pop! Good choices with the embellishments also.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Heather! I like it whole lot more now than when I first started ;-)
Limarea said…
It's a really nice piece! I absolutely love sunflowers :)
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Limar :-) I look forward to seeing a good crop of them every summer!