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Mixed media artist: Lynne Lewis

Lynne Lewis, aka Liniecat at Large, likes to do a whole lot of things, and she does them all well!  She writes about the ATCs shown above: "The ATCs are definitely more my normal sense of humour and the faces are from a pack of Danish cards I bought years ago whilst in Denmark. I don’t play cards but just loved the picture cards!!"

I really love all the different fibers and beads that Lyn has worked into the hanging shown above.

About this felted piece, Lyn writes: "The beach felted hanging is my own, with small holey stones from an East Yorkshire beach, which I view as little portals into another world...silly, but they have to be more than just sea etched!"  

I don't think it's silly at all  ;-)

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Limarea said…
Such interesting pieces! I like the one in the middle :)
liniecat said…
Thanks so much Limar and Cyndi for including my pieces.
That central one was made from heat zapping some curtain-ish fabric that sizzled front and back differently. It charred fabulously infact I still have some of that fabric so will take a picture of it and put it on the blog, so anyone finding anything like it, might recognise it and be able to try it too.
Cyndi L said…
How clever! I love it when "useless" old stuff can be up-cycled into fabulous new pieces :-) Thanks so much for sharing them!
Lynne, thanks for sharing how you made that gorgeous mixed media/fiber/beads piece.