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Welcome (back) to Mixed Media Artist!

Hi, I'm Cyndi, and I've been writing and updating Mixed Media Artist since 2005. If you're a new visitor, welcome! Come travel with me through a mixed media art wonderland, where no materials are considered too strange to use in making something! My constant cry as a young child was, “Please Mommy! Don’t throw that out. I can make something out of that!” No surprise that years later, it became the cry of my daughter as well (pictured above). It’s wonderful having a kindred spirit to share with. I hope that you each have someone in your life to share your passions with, and I hope that you’ll come and share them with me as well. A few years ago, I had to cut back and consolidate a bit in my writing, so Mixed Media Artist has become more or less of an archive site, filled with tutorials on image transfers, fabric and paper painting, art quilts, collage, digital work, book arts, and wearables. You will find links to all of these up in the tabs at the top of the page.

Stencil your upcycled tee shirts!

I made a tee shirt quilt a few weeks ago with the stockpile of tees that neither the Mister nor I were ever going to wear again.  I love how it turned out, and I'll show it to you someday soon, but in the meantime I'm even more excited about the tee shirt scraps!  I used a bunch of them to fix up some shirts that I actually would wear... Above you'll see the top of a knit shirt that I loved, but it was too short.  So, I wacked off the bottom of it and cobbled together some tee shirt scraps to lengthen it.  I like a rather long tunic shirt so that I can comfortably wear it with either jeans or leggings, or even over a skirt.  But when I was finished, it seemed a little boring.  Stencil Revolution came to my rescue!  I received a handful of really nice reusable stencils, and the two that were moons were the perfect size and shape for my new shirt.  I love the material the stencils are made from.  It's translucent, so you can see clearly where you're posit