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Mixed media paintings

Firefly's Dance
Cyndi Lavin, 2017

Most of these paintings have a tutorial with them, or at least a few tips or step-out photos!

Water Sprite - an alcohol ink painting and tutorial

En Pointe - an alcohol ink painting and tutorial

A watercolor approach to alcohol inks - a tutorial

Lazarus Rising - a wet-into-dry alcohol ink tutorial

Tempest - an alcohol ink tutorial

Morning Mist - a watercolor-look alcohol ink tutorial

Semi-controlled wet-in-wet method with alcohol ink

Infinity rings - an alcohol ink tutorial

Wet into dry alcohol ink technique

Fire on High

Spring Synapses


Falling Further In

Ribbon of Blood + Broken Hearts

How to make your own alcohol inks (and save some $$)

How to frame (mount) raw-edged paintings

Neutrino Dreams

Just Passing Through

Particle Shower Do-Si-Dos

Strang(er) in the Night

(Really) Tiny Bubbles


Gravity Waves a Fond Farewell

Do Magnets Dream of Electron Pairs?

Anti-Doesn't Matter

Charmed Particles

Sacred Geometry

Jennifer, My Love

Aspen Afternoon

Deep in the Evening of the Smiley Moon

Keep Your Feet

Call a Dance

Moon Dust


At Cross Purposes

Winter Sunrise

Firefly's Race


Into the Woods

A Light in the Forest

Autumn Glory

Spring Blows In 2

Fall Aflame

Unnamed liquid painting (flip cup method)

Unnamed liquid painting (pour and tilt method)

Eruption (pour and swipe method)

Scars + Stripes

The Rift

Spring Blows In


Moon Dance

Valley of the Shadow

An experiment with masks

Joy Bursts Forth

Rainbow Gravity

Windows to Spring

Breaking Free

The Walls Come Tumbling Down


On the Wing

The View Out My Window

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Spring Snow

Experiments with gesso masks


Firefly's Dance



Spring is Coming

Digging Deep

Edge of Tomorrow