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Question of the month: What designers or artists have had the most influence on you?

I always wonder about what artists other folks find to be inspiring.  Since I am primarily a mixed media jewelry artist, I am obviously inspired by the work of dozens of other jewelry artists.  But I try not to copy their style.  One of the best ways for me to avoid that is to fill my head with the beautiful and challenging works of art of people who work in different media!  So I ask you: What designers or artists have had the most influence on you? 

You're welcome to point to any artists that you love, and please feel free to share with us about artists who don't work with the same materials that you do!  You can leave your comment here, or email me at cyndi @ (remove the spaces) if you'd like to share a piece of your work that is a good example of being inspired by another.

My favorite brain break is to visit art museums of any type.  Like many people, I find painters to be extremely inspiring, and I've used several pieces over the years to inspire the shapes, colors, or design of a piece of jewelry.  Here's an example:

Inspired by Monet's paintings of the gardens

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Barb Smith said…
The art areas that I find myself gravitating to on a continual basis are mixed-media and art journaling so the artists that really speak to me are Teesha Moore, Kelly Rae Roberts, Ingrid Djikers, Anahata Katkin...oh there are so many but these are really the epitome of originality and finding your own style. I love them all and have learned tremendously from each one.
Peace & Love,
Cyndi L said…
Wonderful artists, all! Thanks for your thoughts, Barb :-)
Heather said…
I have had favorite artists for years- Monet, Gauguin, and Dali come to mind immediately. Then I discovered a new favorite-" James Christensen" who combines the Baroque style and colors with whimsical collaged characters that are both amusing and evocative.
I think the first inspiration from other artists for me is the color combinations. Then the message is what I look for. I never really liked simply realistic art. It has to have that personal touch of creative remodeling to really inspire me.
Cyndi L said…
Oh wonderful! A new one for me to go look up. Thank you, Heather :-)
rush8888 said…
i always enjoy the art of melissa phillips (aka lillybean's paperie):

i enjoy making wall hangings:
Valerie Randall and Brandy Murry (Scrap Girls graphic designers); Cyndi Lavin (who has taught me many wonderful techniques); June Crawford (who has inspired me to doodle, draw, dream and share).
Cyndi L said…
Great! More new ones to look at! Except for that Cyndi person lol!!
liniecat said…
Cant say that you'll find much evidence of them in any of my work LOL but I am drawn to the PreRaphaelites. Their titian haired damsels and luxurient backgrounds yet subtly difused colours. They speak of times past and intensities of emotion and artistry........and Im a sucker for the Arts & Crafts Movement and can go all silly over flowery tendrils and MacTintosh lol.........Maybe what has most influence on me though and is oft found in my work is Mother Nature.
Her beaches and seas calm me, her colourful vegetations inspire me and I can never tire of watching her in all her shades and weathers.
Even her imperfections are fascinating, sometimes frightening, but always fascinating.
Cyndi L said…
PreRaphaelites, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, and even some Art Deco: love 'em all. But I know what you mean...they don't really exactly show up clearly in my work. At least, I don't think they do. Hmmm...gotta give it some more thought.