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We've explored lots and lots of fun collage techniques over the years. I figured it was past time to compile some of the methods. This post doesn't include all the techniques like image transfers and creating background papers...those posts have been compiled elsewhere!

Jennifer, My Love

Scars + Stripes

Windows to Spring


Torn paper towel flowers

September Morn

Wishful Thinking

All Other Ground


Stars in my Garden

Intentional  (update - They Toil Not)

A photographic collage
Paper quilting

There is a storm on the horizon

Collage embellished with embroidery

Paper clay collage

Frottage collage

Digital collage with scanned background

Encased collage

Small art quilt with fish

Digital mixed media collage

Simple collage with an image transfer

Packing tape transfer collage

Monochromatic art quilt

Mixed media collage with embroidery

A geometric collage

An organic collage

A layered digital collage

Abstract collages

Waxed paper transfer collage

More on abstract collages

Mixed media piece with watercolor background

Fabric collage with digital images 

Another fabric art quilt

Making a rusted fabric art quilt

Making a collage with monotype papers: The Prodigal

Peeled paper technique

Making an applique quilt

Paper and fabric collage

Adding beading to your collages

A small mixed media quilted collage

Sunflower fabric collage

Small mixed media quilt with image transfer

Felted fabric technique

Woven fabric background

Fall Migration quilt

Margaret - a combination collage and quilt

Reverse applique quilt

Soy silk roving as a background

Bird post card quilt

There is a storm on the horizon

Watercolor paper geometric collage

Painted silk quilt - As Daylight Fades 

Painted silk quilt - At First Light

Marbled fabric quilt - Falling From a Blue Sky

Manipulated fabric for texture in quilting

Lost In Thought

Upcycled paper towels

Black felt quilt

Lava quilt

Felt flowers

Sequined quilt

KÄ«lauea quilt

My TAST 2012 quilt

Orbital Flow

What to do with leftover pieces of batting

Vulture quilt - Downdraft 

Sepia photo quilt