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A bit more embroidery

 The linen is not ironed yet, obviously!  I haven't quite decided how to finish it off.

I experimented a bit more with embroidery after finishing my monochromatic postcard last month.  The class with Sharon Boggon called Sumptuous Surfaces has drawn to a close, but I know I'll be incorporating a lot of what I learned into future projects.

Using the same basic shape as a beginning, I added color to this one.  It's really very similar to the first in many ways, but I did layer a few more stitches this time.  If you'd like a list of the stitches used, that information is available in the series on the other postcard that is linked above.  Take a look at parts one and two for a list of the flat stitches and the high relief stitches, respectively.     

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I love the colors you've chosen. They suggest seashells at the bottom with waves crashing over all covered by foam.

Question: you mention you haven't ironed the linen yet. How can you iron it without damaging the beads? How do you get between them?

Cyndi L said…
Thanks Eileen...that was just the effect I was looking for: wind, waves, foam, and surf :-)

In this case, the only part that needs to be ironed is where the embroidery hoop was, so the beads aren't as issue. When the whole piece needs to be pressed, I turn it upside down on top of several layers of terry cloth towels and press lightly with a steam iron. Then the dimensional embroidered parts can be gently "fluffed" back up before it totally cools off.