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More artsy links!

Creative Dreamer
June is setting up a montly creativity prompt, and would LOVE having you play along...come see how it works and join in the fun!

Cricut Cake
Have you seen the latest machine from Cricut? It's not for scrapbooking, it's for cake decorating!  

Digital collage art
Katelyn talks about what goes into a digital collage.  

Gadabout Media DIY
The DIY wedding series continues with tips and tricks for making your own wedding favors.  

Menopause Fairy and a tute on adapting a spool knitter
Hmmm... the tooth fairy takes teeth and leaves money, so what does the Menopause fairy take and what does she leave behind? Well... hopefully a sense of humour and delight. Noreen has designed a fun homage to the Menopause Fairy, and has also uploaded a very neat new video tutorial on how to adapt a 4 peg spool knitter into a 5 peg spool knitter. So cool!  

The Artful Crafter
How to make your own puzzles.  

Tips for Making an Inexpensive Comforter
Frugal ways to make a quick and easy bed quilt.  

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