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Ties That Bind doll has a new home!

Our lovely lovely doll is now going to her new home, the winner having been picked by random number generator yesterday! Many thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Aileen Roberts, who coordinated the project and Jan Brown, who assembled all the various parts made by participating artists in the Ties That Bind project.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, the project is a group of artists (including me), united in the effort to benefit Ovarian Cancer Research. Since my own wonderful mother is an OC survivor, there was no way that I could turn down this opportunity!

The skirt of the doll is made from embellished ties, men’s ties that is, and the bodice is dripping with charms and beads of all sorts. Photos of the finished doll are available for viewing in an album located here: TTB Album

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What a wonderful effort! I can't wait to hear how much money was raised and hope it was a lot.

In any eventit certainly helped raise awareness of the need for funds to find a cure.

God bless all the artists who contributed to this wonderful doll, as well as those who purchased raffle tickets.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Eileen! Over $5000 so far, but that number is growing because of the book being sold on Blurb...all proceeds go straight to the charity!

Ties That Bind book