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Question of the Month: Signature style?

The Question of the Month for October:
What is your signature style or something you are known for? How did it come into being?

I guess I’m best known for not making the same thing twice! A lot of that comes from being an educator at heart: I was an English professor for 10 years. When I shifted my focus entirely to the art side, I knew that I didn’t want to end up back in a classroom, but I still wanted to help other people on their own journey. Just when I think I’ve found a style that I could stick with forever, the itch to move on starts up again :-)

How about you? You can send me an image to post along with your name, website link, and an explanation of your signature style if you’d like. I’d love to be able to share it with everyone. Email me at cyndi @ (remove the spaces).

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You made me realize that I don't really have a signature style either. I was also a teacher - special ed 15 years. Hmmm ... maybe there's something to that.

Good teachers have to be incredibly flexible and tuned in to what the students (clientele) want/need.

So now I'm thinking - which came 1st - the chicken or the egg?

Were we good teachers because we were able to tune in to what people wanted/needed?

Or did the demands of teaching prepare us for this life of art?

My signature style? I would have to say "eclectic". LOL.
Cyndi L said…
I like "eclectic". Eclectic is good :-)
Nicolette said…
I know my signature style: whimsical. I used to refuse to give myself the identity of "artist" because I could never manage photo-realism, or the the beautiful portraits I saw others do. It wasn't until I met up with some online friends in person, and we started discussing and comparing our work, when I had them say "I love your whimsical style, I wish I could do that!" that I realized I needed to embrace what I did best. Now, I call myself an ARTIST, and I love what I do! I hope you visit my blog,

so you can see my signature "whimsical" style!
Cyndi L said…
I enjoyed my visit very much! I hope you're going to allow me to show off some of your work here :-)