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Artist profiles - part two

Piano Hinge Book by Corinne Stubson

Here is the next batch of terrific artists who have done profiles of their work for me in the past. I hope you'll enjoy visiting with them.

If you'd like to be a featured artist, please let me know. You can email me at cyndi @ (remove the spaces), and I'll be glad to talk with you. Please don't hesitate because you're a beginner either...not all the folks you're going to see profiled here are "professionals", whatever that means!

Corinne Stubson, book artist

Jen Worden, mixed media

Aileen Roberts, mixed media

Pipyr, art glass

Colette Copeland, mixed media

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Limarea said…
These are all wonderful artists! Beautiful artwork :)
These are all great reading. Each one has at least one comment that speaks to me personally (as an artist).

I love what Aileen said about giving herself and her muse a time-out when the creative juices won't flow.
Cyndi L said…
They are all very wise, and all very different from each other :-)
Sherri said…
Thanks for sharing this info... Always love to learn more about crafty folk... ;-)
Margot Potter said…
I think what I love best about the term "mixed media" is that it allows for an endless variety of aesthetics and interpretations. Great list!