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The beginning of a new quilt

I've decided to make a companion piece to the tomato quilt that I finished last month. This one is going to feature pears, so here are some of my preliminary sketches and some enlargements that I hope to use:

I have to admit that I find it very very tedious to sketch the same thing over and over, so maybe I quit sketching before I really should have this time. If these abstracted designs don't end up working out, I'll just try again :-)

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Cheryl Gebhart said…
I love the sketches (of course, there is something very sensuous about pears). I especially love the cut ones. I look forward to watching your progress on this one, since I loved your tomato quilt.
Cyndi L said…
They are so *female* can't help but see it! Thanks for your encouragement :-)
Sherri O said…
I can hardly wait to see this one after admiring the tomato quilt! I wish I had your sketching talent! :-)
Cyndi L said…
But that's just the thing, Sherri...I have practically NO sketching talent at all. By looking at the items for a long time and simplifying them to their basic components, even I can do it!
I loved-loved-loved the tomato quilt. I think I told you that already.

You say you're not a great sketcher, but you sure are a great abstracter. You sense what the essential elements are to represent the whole.

I will try staring more. LOL.
Cyndi L said…
LOL!! That's really the key for non-drawers. You have to spend the time ;-)