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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ceramic artist: Liz Kohler

Artist: Liz Kohler

Website: Thin Line Ceramics

To find inspiration for my work I search my back yard, hiking trails, and gardens for plants, flowers, and shapes that interest me. Whenever a plant catches my eye, I take it to my studio to “sketch” the form out of clay. The forms I create out of these sketches contain elements of plants I collect, however I do not attempt to create copies of existing plant forms. Instead I borrow inspiration from nature, like so many artists before me, in an attempt to bring the beauty of plant life indoors.

The bright and bold colors I use rarely depict the accurate color of the objects that inspire me, but instead boldly complement the delicate intricacy of the forms. The act of romanticizing the plants by re-interpreting their form and color, transforms the dried-up plants I begin with into seductive textures and intricately curvaceous forms.

I attempt to make each piece a sculpture as well as a functional object, and hope my viewers ponder how the piece was made, and wonder what the piece “is” or was inspired by.

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1 comment:

Lynn Naughton said...

Beautiful shape, love the colors.

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