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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Flower petals" giveaway

Several family members gave me flowers for a rather large {ahem} numbered birthday last month. I can never stand to throw flowers out until I've photographed them right down to the last withered petal. I rather think this mixture of dried rose petals looks prettier now than they did when they were fresh and perky :-)

Even though my birthday is past, I'd like to give you a present! If you would like to use this image as a texture background or something else in your personal mixed media work, just email me with "Petals" in the subject line. I'll send you a 300 dpi version of it that you're welcome to use. Just please don't sell the original image...it's fine to sell your completed piece that includes it!

Email beadingarts at gmail dot com for your free image.

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