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Aerosol art in Maine

There is a lovely ocean walk that follows the coast in South Portland, Maine. On the beautiful September morning that Mike and I strolled it, we met another Mike...this one a 35 year old artist who was painting en plein air, just like you'll find at any beautiful coastal vista. But as you can see above, Mike was painting with an spray can.

No, he wasn't vandalizing private property. Rather, this wall has been set aside especially for the use of graffiti artists. Each artist paints, maintains, and repaints a section of the enormous wall. Mike told me that he likes the term aerosol art rather than graffiti. "I was involved in graffiti when I was a kid. Now I've got two kids of my own, and I'd rather have them see me doing respectable art," he told me when I asked him what term he liked best for his art form.

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