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Rubbing plate textured paper

Back in March I posted a review of Shelly Stokes's book Rubbing Plate Roundup, and ever since then I've found myself looking for new ways to use these tools.  Rubbing plates, or texture plates can be used in so many different ways and along with many different media.  The following tutorial is not a technique from Shelly's book, but I felt I should still acknowledge the inspiration that I received from reading it.
Materials and Tools

Watercolor paper
Extra heavy gloss gel (I use Golden's)
Rubbing plates
Walnut inks
Pearl Ex powders

1. Smear Extra Heavy Gloss Gel all over a piece of watercolor paper.

2. Before it has a chance to dry, use a texture or rubbing plate to pull up interesting patterns in the surface.

3. Spray the surface of the gel with various shades of walnut inks (I used eucalyptus and terra cotta).  You don't have to wait for the gel to dry first. 

4. Allow to dry.  Apply Pearl Ex powders in various areas of the design to the high points, using your finger tips or a large soft brush (I used copper and green). 

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