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More Venice...the Doge's Palace

Interior courtyard

The Doge was the traditional ruler of Venice. There were many many Doges over the years, and the Palace, right in St Mark’s Square, houses one of the best art collections in the city. As is usual in “museums” of this type, you can take pictures in many areas as long as you don’t use a flash, but the best stuff is either in very dim rooms or is off limits for photography at all.

Hercules, beating on the hydra

Amazing gold-leafed ceilings

I bought a postcard of my very favorite piece. After gazing at painting after painting where everyone looked serene to the point of being brain-dead, I turned the corner and came upon my favorite by Giovanni Bellini. Many claim that he was one of the first to put real emotion in his religious subjects’ faces. Seeing this one in person made me cry.  I can just feel the pain of Christ’s mother and of the apostle John.

The Death of Christ, 1472

We left the doors closed, even though we were curious!

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