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More Venice...St Mark's Square

I love the story of Mark, the young man who deserted Paul and Barnabas on one of their missionary journeys in the first century. Afterward, Paul could not be convinced to give him another try, but Barnabas took him under his wing and encouraged him to try again. Mark eventually went on to write the Gospel of Mark, which is basically the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of Peter. He and Paul were reconciled, and Paul ended up thinking very highly of him.

I love stories of second chances!

Although Mark died in Egypt, the Christian community in Venice brought his body back there for burial. The symbol of St Mark, the winged lion is all over Venice. We visited St Mark’s square multiple times, and went to the Basilica and the Doge’s palace there. Fabulous artwork!

Bell tower

St Mark's Basilica

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Cecilia said…
Fantastic photos; and it was a pleasure to read your commentary. Second chances -- oh yes! This unconditional love leaves me in awe. Thank you for your post!
Unknown said…
Lovely photos! I'll be in Venice in August!
Cyndi L said…
Hope you have as wonderful a time as we did!