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Color printers - reader question

I just looked through your digital work and was wondering what type of color printer do you use?


Hi Lyn,
I have a relatively inexpensive Hewlett Packard DeskJet...but I usually don't actually print things out.  If I'm working with purely digital images in a collage, I tend to layer them all digitally and have them printed out by or someone else like that if I actually want a hard copy.  When I'm working with both physical and digital images, I'm more likely to take them both into the digital realm by scanning the physical pieces instead of the other way round, printing out the digital ones.

I do have some collages that I have made that use printouts of my images and patterns, especially ones that contain image transfers, but honestly, if you're interested in doing a lot of printing out, I would probably recommend researching a more up-to-date and archival printer than mine!


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i have read that the Durabrite ink in the Epson printers is generally much better than using other inkjet printers. also, you would be better off with one that has a straight feed-through, or an L shape feed,instead of the generic U feed most have. If you are making transfers and have an ordinary inkjet, you will need to leave the ink to dry a couple of weeks, and its still not guaranteed it will transfer without smudging. The other alternative is a colour laser printer. Because the toner is heat applied, its far more permanent, and the price on these printers is coming down on a weekly basis. Its got to the point that you do not refill them, you simply buy another printer.
However you cannot beat Cyndi's suggestion of getting things professionally printed; it does show in the end result if the quality of the print is important and you cannot afford to run a top of the range printer.
Cyndi L said…
Personally I have never had a problem with my inkjets, even fresh, for doing transfers, but I've heard from lots of others who have, so this is a great caution, Caroline. Thank you. I also agree with your suggestions about the form of feed-through, especially if someone wanted to print on heavier paper like watercolor or the like.