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Hedgehogs...cutest critters ev-ah!


Some of you may remember that my hedgehog obsession began when daughter Dani got one as a pet.  Thistle is just the cutest thing in the world, and because of her existence, I began to notice hedgehogs and to enjoy their general cuteness. So, no surprise that when I found a terrific pattern to make crocheted hedgehogs by Nickie Engle, I went a little bit overboard, as you'll see below.  Overboard in the sense that every little girl I know is getting one or more of these.  And some big girls I know are getting them too ;-) 

Other hedgehog projects:
Chocolate hedgehogs
Hedgehog pincushions

Simon's Cat:

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Sarah Sequins said…
I love Simon's Cat! My favorite episode is when he gets into that snowball fight with the bird. :)

Hedgehogs are very adorable! That crochet pattern is cute -- I bet she could sell enough of those to have her own... hedge fund.

(Couldn't resist!)
Cyndi L said…
Oh boo hiss! :-)

Simon's Cat is great. I love that bird episode too.
Cherie said…
Hedge fund! BA!

That is a very cute crochet pattern. I like the combination of yarns.
You own hedge fund - I love it.

Cyndi, those are just about the cutest darned things I've ever seen.

I haven't crocheted much for a while. Were they difficult? I can tell how perfectly even all your stitches are - as usual ;-)
Cyndi L said…
Eileen, they are so so so easy! The most tricky part is that it's hard to see exactly where the stitches are when you're using the fuzzy yarn, so you just have to count and estimate ;-) Perfect stitches...? Nah, not me!