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Sunprints redux

Clever clever clever!  The folks at Photojojo have done it again.  If you're tired of sunprinting with ferns and flowers, consider this: how about using a negative from one of your digital prints to create a sunprint?  I can hear you now...but digital prints don't have negatives!!  Well, they do if you follow the directions.  So easy, so cool! 

Image: Photojojo

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Ohhhhh... I love, love, love this possibility! I am off to check them out.. thanks for keeping us up on all the wonderful things you find!
You can also do the reverse - take a negative and make a positive. Photoshop is just amazing.

I "developed" an old family negative in Photoshop here.

I hope it's okay to share the link.
Cyndi L said…
Isn't this just the coolest thing? Eileen, I am in love with PS...thanks for sharing the link!