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Fabric books - part three

OK!  Last week I showed you how I put together a simple little ox-plow fabric book form, and now I want to show you the finished project.   Along with the original rusted fabric that I used for the book itself, this week I used a painted piece of rusted fabric for the text.  What I found was that the thin muslin just wouldn't hold up to my black fabric pens without the color showing through.  Since each page of this book is double-sided, I needed to find something to write on that I could attach to the book instead of writing on it directly.  You can solve this problem by making your book from two pieces of fabric to begin with, but I didn't have enough fabric to do this.

So here's what you'll need:

A fabric book
X-acto knife, scissors, or rotary cutter

Cutting mat
Clear ruler
Embroidery thread

1. Plan where your text or pictures are going to be attached, what shape they should be, and what orientation you want for each.

2. Cut or rip pieces of fabric to write on and use a fabric marker to add your text.

3. Stitch each piece in place using embroidery floss. 

4. The finished ox-plow book all folded up. 

Fabric books - part one
Fabric books - part two
Fabric books - part three

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I love it Cyndi, think I'll give something like this a shot!
Lovely, Cyndi, and very inspirational.

Fabric book remind me of the books our kids (and we)loved as toddlers. They're so tactile.
Cyndi L said…
I think that's one of the reasons I loved doing this so much, took me right back to childhood. June, I hope you *will* make some :-)
Limarea said…
Ooo, this is NICE! :)