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Online photo editors

Last year I wrote about some available online photo editors and why you might want to know about them.  It might puzzle people who know just how addicted I am to Photoshop...why would I care about online editors?  Free or not, who cares?

So again, why care about online photo editors? What about when your computer is in the shop, or you’re traveling without a laptop, stopping into libraries to use their computers? You’ve taken lots of great pictures, and you’d like to send a few to some friends without sending the full-sized file that will make them hate you. You’d like to post some of your travel pictures to your blog, but the file size is too big, the picture needs cropped, the eyes have the dreaded red-eye…
Anyway, I found a newer article recently, which gives an overview of even more photo editing programs: 11 downloadable and 5 online.  Surely with this many to chose from, you'll be able to find one you'll like!

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I travel with a notebook and don't want to use valuable disk space on it for Photoshop. So these are great options for me. Thanks, Cyndi!