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Photo artist: Paul Triolo

 Holy Wars

Artist: Paul Triolo
Cycle Art book

Originally from my hometown, cyclist Paul Triolo creates amazing photo art...with his iPhone!  Paul has moved to (slightly) warmer climes, and I hope that allows him to have an even longer cycling season each year. 

 Autumnal Haiku

Paul now lives in Rockville Maryland and has been an avid road cyclist for the past decade. He has a degree in electrical engineering and is a bit of a geek, building his own computers, administering home and business networks, and is an early adopter, who believes that the one with the most gadgets wins.

Paul discovered somewhat by chance an unexpected power within the iPhone on a long bicycle ride early in 2009. A chance encounter with blooming dandelions stopped a long ride, and he took a photo of them with his new iPhone. Later, as he played with the photo in a quite setting, using a number of image editing apps, he realized he had discovered a new genre, which he dubbed “Cycle Art.” Simply put, Cycle Art is a mobile, digital, celebration of the bicycle. Of course, it all starts with just the right photo. All of the photos he uses have been taken with an iPhone 3G or 4G, most often while out on long bicycle rides in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, or European countryside. (He hopes to eventually have Cycle Art that represents all the continents.)


The iPhone provides the perfect platform for working on the craft of Cycle Art, and Paul uses combinations of 50-60 iPhone photography apps to get the desired effect. Paul tries to minimize the human element in the photos and accentuate the inherent beauty of the two-wheeled machine and the materials from which it can be wrought, including aluminum, steel, carbon, and titanium. Paul held an exhibition of his work at Websters Cafe in State College PA in the spring of 2010 and published an article on Cycle Art in the August 2010 edition of iPhone Life. He recently published the first volume of collected Cycle Art works, titled Cycle Art: A Mobile Digital Celebration of the Bicycle.   A website is in the works.

Fixer Upper

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Theresa Plas said…
Love these effects!!! who knew bikes could be such great models?
What striking effects. I especially like the autumnal image.
Great images! Nicely done. I'm a bicyclist and really enjoy seeing these. Thank you for sharing. Connie