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Where to go online when dumpster-diving fails you!

Lee Valley Tools
Check out the hardware and tools sections. You won’t be sorry!

American Science and Surplus
Incredible stuff at unbelievable prices! Lots of junk you’ll just have to have. Be forewarned…

Woodworks Ltd
An amazing selection of wooden craft parts to build with.

Sky Blue Pink
Advertises cool stuff for non-fancy prices!

Volcano Arts
Handmade book and bookbinding supplies, paper marbling, clock parts, kits, etc etc.

Ready Stamps
This is the place that you must use to have stamps made from your own designs. Not only are the prices competitive, but Ready Stamps is a community-based business of The United Cerebral Palsy Association of San Diego, promoting the independence of disabled persons through training and employment.

A full selection of art supplies Together with Dick Blick (below) you’ll be able to find all the put-it-together stuff you’ll need.

Dick Blick
Another very complete art supply shop. Between Dick Blick and MisterArt (above), just about all your non-specialty supply needs can be filled.

Collage artist Susan Pickering Rothamel has made available all the supplies she most likes to use herself.

Suze Weinberg
Rubber stamping and collage resources.

John Neal, Bookseller
Bookbinding supplies, plus the know-how to do it.

Bookbinding supplies, decorative papers, and workshops.

Paper Source
Paper, paper, paper…and more paper! Great papers.

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I did really, really well...until the paper part...what great resources!!!
Cyndi L said…
LOL!! I'm beginning to think that I'm a BAD influence on you, June!
Whimseydoodles said…
I just discovered this site and I love it! I am an art doll maker and I found so many ideas here that I can use.
Thanks so much!
Cyndi L said…
Nancy, I'm glad you visited! I'd love to see some of your dolls :-)
Whimseydoodles said…
I have a website that I am working on - it is

Some of my dolls are there.

I have learned from looking at the mixed media resources out there that the only rules that need to be followed are ones of safety. I love using everything in new ways!
Cyndi L said…
Wonderful work, Nancy!! I especially love Autumn Leaves and the Flamenco dancer :-)
Wow. it's going to take me a while to go this list. There are so many that appeal. Thank you!
Genevieve said…
Lee Valley Tools is one of my favourites. Their headquarters are in Ottawa, Canada where I used to live, and it's everyone's favorite place to shop for woodworking or garden tools. In the Ottawa store, they have a very interesting display of antique tools. Cool place to shop for sure.
Cyndi L said…
I love their little sets of tins, plus I got a screw punch from them that was way less expensive than the ones being sold at "craft" stores!
Sherri Osborn said…
Thanks for sharing all of these great resources Cyndi! I thank you, but I don't think my husband will because I just might have to have him build me a few more shelves in my craft room! LOL
Linda Augsburg said…
Great list!!! We have an AmSci here in town and it's always fun to go see what they have in the store!
Genevieve said…
I'll add one more... Several of my beady friends recommended Princess Auto, and I finally got around to visiting one recently. This is tool heaven! If you live in or near a large city in Canada, there should be one near you; otherwise you can shop online.
Cyndi L said…
Ooooo...looks good!