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Mixed media artist: Limar

Artist: Limar
Blog: On a Separate Note 

Limar makes wonderful digital art collages, which she sizes down to mostly ATCs and 4x4s to show on her blog.  Working digitally allows her to experiment with a lot of different techniques, colors, and design ideas.  I love her work, and I'm sure you will too.  Visit her at On a Separate Note to see more!

Limar writes:
I can't say that I have a specific idea or purpose with every piece I do. I usually just take an image and blend it with different textures, brushes and blending modes until I like the result :) Often I have so much thoughts and ideas going on in my head, that it results in nothing :) When that happens it helps to jump on some of the art challenges that's out there. You get an actual theme and can work from there. Up until now my work has been exclusively digital due to lack of space. But we moved recently and now I have a corner that is just mine, so maybe I finally can get my hands dirty :) Something I have been longing for a long time now.

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Limarea said…
Oh, this is so exciting!! Thank you so much for showing my work! Hugs
Cyndi L said…
Thank *you* so much for allowing me to! Your pieces have an ethereal grace that I just love :-)
Carol said…
Hi Cyndi
How exciting! Limar is a friend of mine and I absolutely love her work. It's wonderful to see you featuring her here. Well done!
Juno's Place
Cards by Carol
Limar is a very talented artist and so nice too! Great to see her featured here!