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Book Review: Mixed Media Mosaics

Mixed Media Mosaics
by Laurie Mika
Using very few tools and not even too many materials, Laurie Mika shows us how to make polymer clay tile mosaics which are simply a feast for the eyes. Well, "simply" is the wrong word. Although these are not difficult to make, the finished effect is dazzling. You would think, to look at her work, that you’d be having to keep dozens of clay colors in stock, but Laurie works with primarily only black and white, using paints, beads, mica powders, and other media to add color to her tiny treasures.

I am not really a polymer clay person. It’s never grabbed me the way it has some of my art friends. I’m not quite sure why, because I really wanted to like it and to work with it at one point. I do work with it a bit in jewelry making, but when it comes to mixed media, not so much.  This delightful book may make me change my mind. It’s full of techniques, all of them easy for clay-dummies like me. And Laurie’s got a whole bunch of sample projects in here too. The possibilities are endless, and it really has me thinking…

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I've wanted to love polymer clay too but have only dabbled. It's so interesting that she works mostly with black and white clay. That certainly makes inventory and storage simpler. I think I need this book too!