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Embroidered post card - part two

Little by little, I added stitches that would give higher relief areas to my fabric postcard.  I used mostly stitches that I already know, but decided to add a couple new ones for variety.  As the layers built up, I got happier and happier with the piece.  You know how there's always that awkward stage when it just doesn't seem to be coming together?  Add more layers and it'll be fine!

Here are the stitches that I used in these higher relief areas:
Woven buttonhole stitch, buttonhole wheels, threaded buttonhole bars
Knotted buttonhole stitch
Basque knots, French knots
Bullion stitch
Chain stitch rosettes
Heavy thread couching
Palestrina stitch
Knotted feather stitch
Star stitch
Buttons, buttons with woven bars
Spiderwebs - ringed, whipped, and woven
Lace flowers

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Part two
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Oh yummy! That is just lovely - with all the cool vintage embellishments.
JRonson said…
Wow u r really good with mixed tecnhic and collage, the result it's super barroque :)
Cyndi L said…
What nice things to say! Thank you both very much :-)'s WONDERFUL...I am totally smitten...Nothing more fun to me than watching a stitched piece come to be!
Cyndi L said…
The only thing more fun is adding the beads ;-) Thank you, June!
Limarea said…
Yes, I agree, it's a really beautiful piece! I'm excited to see the finished post card :)
Cyndi L said…
It's done, it's done! I just have to get the photos fixed up :-)