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More artsy links!

Beading Arts
Cyndi has found a *lot* of seed bead tutorials lurking in her blog's archives!

Crafty Blogger
Katelyn has an easy tutorial for making your own stencils from a magazine page. 

Frugal Home
Ways to make an old desk come to life.

Gadabout Media DIY
Do you have a beloved piece of fabric, but can't decide what to make out of it? How about making a piece of jewelry? It's quick, easy and very pretty! 

Home and Garden Cafe
For Earth Day try making a toad house by recycling an old clay pot.

The Artful Crafter
Does your craft space need some decluttering? Here are some ways to donate your excess projects and supplies.

Tottie Talks Crafts
Noreen has figured out several different ways of weaving triangles on the pothholder loom, using yarn. Here's a video tutorial for the bias or continuous weaving technique. 

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