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Question of the Month: Which new year's resolutions are you going to keep?

Once a couple of months have passed by, I find I need to revisit my (often ambitious) list of business and personal goals for the year and ask myself the Question of the Month: Which new year's resolutions am I actually going to keep?

So I'll ask you too: Which of your resolutions and goals seem to be the most likely to be kept this year? Maybe you've already managed to cross a bunch off your list already and you're all set to add the next batch. Or maybe your list has gone the way of most of the lists that start out with "Exercise more and eat less".

For me, I've managed to start on two out of five:
1. Take another class this year in something… anything.

*** 2. Get a light tent or light box and learn to make my photography better.

3. Work on a book proposal.

*** 4. Schedule a better balance between making and writing.

5. Eat better, exercise more, get more sleep…oops! Don’t know how that one slipped in there!

I've got a light tent, thanks to DH and I'm working on my photography. As for achieving a better balance, I am still working towards that, but I'm doing well so far.

How about you? Do you have any updates you'd like to share, along with links to your work? Leave your comment here below, or send me an image if there's a shot you'd like to share. Email cyndi @ (remove the spaces).

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Barb Smith said…
I have tried to leave New Years resolutions alone the past few years but I do try to make "goals" (makes them feel more attainable to me LOL) and this year my goals were to get healthier (dealing with health issues and want to make sure I'm doing all I can to get better), make more art (not just art journaling), be more patient with others...and I think I've done well so far with all three of them. YAY!!! Go me!
Peace & Love,
Cyndi L said…
I call them "goals" when I'm talking with DH too, because for some reason he balks at the term "resolutions" :-)

Go you, for sure Barb!! Excellent job!
Funny you should ask. This is the first year in decades that I even made New Year's Resolutions.

I have reduced my e-mail and Facebook time. The point was to give me more time for my personal art.

I haven't achieved that yet but am feeling less stressed and have cleared away a lot of clutter and unfinished projects.
rxanna said…
I called my resolutions goals, 1) start my Etsy shop, 2) get more physically active, and 3) go to be early so I can start the day early.

So far I've only opened my shop. I got on a bad cycle of staying up late and much to no one's surprise I got sick.

But the years not over. :)
Cyndi L said…
Oh share, share! What's your etsy shop url?