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More artsy links!

Home and Garden Cafe
An easy to make paper mache egg Easter table centerpiece

The Artful Crafter
Looking for canning jar art ideas and supplies? Let Eileen help you out with resources and tips. 

Tottie Talks Crafts
Doodling is so much more than mindless twiddling with a pencil- it can be the source of all kinds of design inspiration

Beading Arts
Cyndi worked out a pattern for a simple but pretty floral seed bead chain!  

Creative Dreamer
It's a month of give-aways over on my blog...and I'm half way through. Come see what's going on and toss your name in the hat!!!  

Did you art your mission statement this year?
Katelyn finally got her yearly mixed media mission statement done and is hanging it right in front of her desk so she stays inspired to follow it.  

Gadabout Media DIY
Turn a fabric remnant into a pretty and stylish fringed scarf in an afternoon.  

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