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More on tangles

Isn't it always this way?  You buy a car in a new color and suddenly start to see it everywhere?  Or in this case, I post about something, and then become aware of how many other folks are enjoying the activity too!

When I posted last week about zentangles, or just plain tangles as I prefer to call them since I'm not too zen myself, little did I expect to be suddenly surrounded by the knowledge that just about everyone has been enjoying this pass time and I'm kind of late to the party!  I want to share some of the wonderful and fun work that I've seen since then.

Of course, my friend June sprang immediately to mind because she has elevated doodling to a whole new level in my book!  At her blog, A Creative Dream, she's actually giving away her lovely work all month long.  June's artwork just plain makes me happy.  

Geneviève, a jewelry artist friend of mine (you can read her artist profile here) has enjoyed doing zentangles so much that she's found a way to even work them into her gorgeous jewelry!  You can see her work on Amaryllis Creations.   Geneviève pointed me in the direction of the zentangle flickr group where you can see what other practicioners are doing.  That is one of  Geneviève's pieces at the top of the post.

And just when I thought I was done exploring, I found that my friend Noreen was not only into doing zentangles, but she was also mixing them with her handmade dolls! You can see how she's combined the two on Tottie Talks Crafts.  Seems that there isn't much of anything that you can't doodle on!

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Awww... Cyndi...I'm glad it makes you certainly has been a good thing for me to devote my mind to of late...
linda said…
Thanks for the links - zentangles are really amazing, fun to look at!
Cyndi L said…
:-) June!

Linda, I loved looking over your doodles and drawings on your blog as well!
Genevieve said…
A warning to everyone: Zentangles are very addictive!
Cyndi L said…
But that's a GOOD thing, right? ;-)