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A new set of wings!

A lot of you know of my daughter's obsession with all things winged.  I've shared many of her student and professional projects with you...and at the risk of being too much of a proud mama, I have to share her latest.  These are a pair of wings that were commissioned, and we took pictures just before she sent them off to the new owner. 

Dani has a cool little video of the wings opening and closing on her blog Danielle Hurley.  Take a look!  With fully articulated frames and every single feather applied by hand, they are a thing of beauty. 

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Ohhhh...Cyndi, you have much to be proud of! I spent a bit of time wandering through Dani's blog...she has some serious talent!
Cyndi L said…
yeah, she's a bit o' alright, that girl! lol!!
Limarea said…
Beautiful artwork! She's really good at it :)
plaidbunny said…
WOW those are spectacular! Great job.
The video is amazing. I almost expected her to take flight!
Dani H said…
Thanks Mom. ^_^