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Another hand-tinted print with Photoshop

Yesterday, I shared the steps with you that I use to make a pretty fair-decent facsimile of a hand-tinted print using my favorite toy, Photoshop.  The photo that I used was very badly composed, so I thought it would make a good shot to experiment with.

Here's what you can do with this technique when you use a nicer shot to start out:



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Limarea said…
This is really a very cool effect! :)
Cyndi L said…
So fun, so easy! I'm going to bet that a couple more steps to really refine the image would make some spectacular pictures :-)
Nice. I like the edge effect.

One technique I use is to marquee the focal image and copy it to a new layer. Then I blur the background.

The result is a dreamy Bokeh effect.
Cyndi L said…
Yes, I love that look too, Eileen!

I was pretty heavy-handed with the outline effect on the two that I posted. I wanted to make sure that it was obvious, and I probably went a little too heavy. In order to actually create a print that would be authentic looking, a lighter touch would be better ;-)