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Image transfer methods

Here is a compilation of all the image transfer tutorials on Mixed Media Artist.  There are even more methods now, especially since there are several forms of specialty papers that will create a perfect (or almost perfect) transfer.  However, the beauty of transfers in my eyes are that they are somewhat unpredictable and imperfect, so these are the methods that I stick with!

Polymer medium transfer film

Paper image transfers - plain paper

Paper image transfers - photo paper

Fabric image transfers - t-shirt transfers

Fabric image transfers - transparency transfers

Contact paper transfers (aka Packing tape transfers)

Caulk image transfers

Polaroid image transfers

Digital Polaroid image transfer

Contact printing

New digital ground products from Golden's

Waxed paper transfer 

Laser printer transfers

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Robbie said…
Cyndi, this is a great post/resource! I'm bookmarking for sure! I have tired several of these but don't remember half the time which i might want to try again!! Thanks so much!!!! You are the best!
Cyndi L said…
LOL! Glad to be of help :-)
Great resoource, Cyndi. Thanks for gathering this together.
I'm frequently in a quandary about which method to use for a particular project.
Cherie Burbach said…
What a great resource!