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Fabric painting

Here's a round-up of many of the fabric techniques we've covered here. Many of the techniques covered in Background papers, although they were designed with paper arts in mind, can be used for fabric painting too, so don't forget to check them out as well!

What to do with leftover pieces of batting

Adding color to a black and white print

Inktense "postcards"

Inkjets and Inktense pencils

Soy silk fabric with embroidery

Turtle stencils

3-layered fabrics

Rubbing plate fabrics

Glue gel resists

Marbled fabrics

Salt printing, sun printing, and playing with intensity

Painted silks for a quilt

Soy silk roving as a background

Stenciled leaf fabrics

Expanded square transfer onto fabric

Bleach shadow technique

Painting rusted fabrics

Felted fabric technique

Graduated colors

Gel glue resist

Custom printed fabric with Spoonflower

Snow painting

Shibori fabric

Wiped and striped fabrics

Twisted fabric painting

Painting fabric in a bag

Rusted fabrics

Leather-look felt

Painted fabric trim

Transparency transfers

T-shirt transfers

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