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Background papers

Here are some of my favorite methods for creating background papers to use in mixed media art, both physical and digital.  Don't forget to check the Fabric painting page too...many of those techniques can also be used on paper.  

Scrap paper magnets

Techniques for working with delicate papers

Rubbing plate textured papers 

Upcycled paper towels

Acrylics and rubbing alcohol papers

Imprinted papers

Imprinted papers

Making monotype background papers

Salad Spinner backgrounds

Watercolor background

Painted foil backgrounds

Multiply your color options

Stamping and overstamping

Textured collage papers - part one

Textured collage papers - part two

Making a mixed text background

Textured tissue paper backgrounds - part one

Textured tissue paper backgrounds - part two

Tissue paper inclusions

Gesso resist papers

Leaf silhouette papers - part one

Leaf silhouette papers - part two

Mixed paper collage backgrounds

Paper towel transfers

Frottage background papers

Freezer paper background papers

Multi-stamped background papers

A photographic collage

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Thanks again, Cyndi. I'm bookmarkng all these geat resource roundup pages.