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Rising Mist - part three

Last week, I finished up with all the weaving and embellishing that I wanted to do on my quilt, so now it's time to do the quilting!

9. Pin each slit to the piece of batting and to a piece of backing fabric, even larger than the batting.  In this case, the backing fabric is cut 1 1/2 inch larger on each side than the batting.  Place a row of pins all around the outside of the woven top, 1/2 inch from the edge to mark the area available for quilting.  

10. Use perle cotton and beads to quilt up each strip through all the layers, including the backing.  Tie off the thread ends on the top and leave them showing. 

11. Using the wrap and tuck method, miter the corners of the quilt. 

12. Wrap and tuck the backing under the outer edges of the top, pinning in place.  The edges will need to be ironed, as you can see! 

13. Use a blanket stitch to finish off the edges of the binding.  As much as possible, I stitch this edging through all the layers, including the backing fabric. 

14. Whip stitch the mitered corners.

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This is perfectly BEAUTIFUL!
xox jean
So ethereal. Can you ever get paid enough for all the detail work that goes into one of these art quilts? I guess it's a labor of love.