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Book review: Beautiful Origami Flowers

Do you enjoy origami and other forms of paper folding arts?  If so, then you are likely to really enjoy the new release by Lark Books, Beautiful Origami Flowers, written by Anca Oprea.  If you haven't played around much with origami, never fear: there is an excellent basics section which will get you started.  Anca teaches the basic folds first, and if you work your way through this section, you will be ready to make any of the following projects.

The flowers are so much fun.  Some of them are quite realistic, and others are much more fanciful and imaginative.  My favorite is the common old every day Day Lily, and I also like the Crane Flower, although I don't think I'd have the patience to complete even one!  I am gifting this book to one of my friends, who happens to only have the use of one hand.  Despite this, she makes amazingly wonderful origami designs all the time.  I am hoping to see her make an entire bouquet inspired by this beautiful book!

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