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Glacier Bay - part four

Yay!  I have finished my woven dryer sheet quilt, and I am sooo happy with it!  Let me show you how I did the binding to finish it up.

The top was quilted 1/2 inch in from each edge so that there would be a little free-edge all the way around.  The batting was cut larger all around than the top.  In this case, it is just 1 inch larger on each side.  The backing fabric is cut even larger than that, in this case 1 1/2 inch larger on each side than the batting.  This will allow you to flip the backing fabric to the front, wrapping over the batting and tucking under the edge of the top.

Here in this shot above, you see one of the corners wrapped up and over at a 45 degree angle, so that the corner will be mitered when finished.

I whip stitched the mitered corner into place and used a blanket stitch to finish off the edges of the binding.  As much as possible, I stitched this edging through all the layers, including the backing fabric.

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Robbie said…
COOL!!! Thanks for sharing the finishing technique with us!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks for joining me each week, Robbie! <3
I'm guessing the photo doesn't do this justice because the colors are so pale. From what I can see, it looks lovely.