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Scrap magnets

Here's another fun little project that you can do to use up left over pieces of paper.  I chose two from my pile: paper towels that were used for mopping up other projects, and embossed cardstock from a challenge by Michelle Mach.

Here's what you'll need:

Materials and Tools
Left over papers
Business card magnets with one adhesive side
Pens and markers
Krylon matte acrylic spray
Cutting mat
X-acto knife

1. Chose your papers.  I ended up not using the foils, but they would have been a nice addition if my papers had been plainer.

2. Iron any papers that need it.  Paper towels always need it!

3. Place the adhesive side of the magnets down on the papers.

4. Trim with an x-acto knife.

5. Write or draw as desired.  I used a metallic felt tip surrounded by a very fine-pointed black marker pen.

6. Spray the tops lightly to protect.

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jinxxxygirl said…
Love this idea Cyndi! Thanks so much for sharing.... Why do my scraps never end up looking as lovely as your?! LOL! :) Hugs! deb
Dolores said…
Thank you for this. I have loads of paper to use.
Cyndi L said…
LOL! Deb, I'm sure that's not true...just find the pretty spots on your "mop-up" towels!
I'm glad I'm not the only one who irons paper... why do some folks think that's so strange??? This is a project I can get into, heaven knows I have a whole bunch of scraps around here!
Cherie Burbach said…
Yet another idea to use up our scraps! So clever. Thanks.
Great idea. The pink and blue paper is one of your paper towel clean-up rags, right? You 've mentioned how you save al that stuff.

It's revealing to see what you actually do with them. I'm afraid they would just become more disoranized clutter in my craft room,, though I admit I am saving the pretty or interesting ones now, thanks to you ;-)
Cyndi L said…
Yup! Clean up paper towels from a fabric painting session. I don't feel even slightly guilty about using paper towels when I know they'll end up in other projects...otherwise I'd use a sponge :-)