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Rising Mist - part two

Last week, I showed you the beginning stages of my new sliced and woven quilt, but all that amounted to was getting the quilt top fabric prepped!

3. Using both a rotary cutter and scissors, slice up the fabric, leaving a 1/2 inch attachment at the edges.  The cuts can be straight or wavy.  An even number of cuts is preferred.

4. Cut strips of netting to use in weaving.

5. Cut a piece of batting, large enough to form a frame for the wrap and tuck method.  In this case, the batting is just 1 inch larger than the top on each side.  Pin the top and bottom of the slit quilt to to this piece.

6. Weave the netting through the slits, alternating the ups and downs.  Leave them loose on the ends and pin in place.

7. Add more embellishment to the weaving if desired, using fibers and a large crochet hook.

8. Nudge all the slits together tight, and pin along the sides through all layers.

Next week, quilting and finishing!

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