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Glacier Bay - part two

I showed you this photo last week, as it was my initial inspiration shot for my current project.  But I wanted more detail in the glacier, so I turned to this shot:

For my actual quilt design, I decided to cheat a bit.  Do you ever do that?

I combined the detail of the second shot with the basic composition of the first.  This is just a rough idea of how it will look, with more pronounced jagged tops, but against a sky background (really cheating there!) and with the bay showing at the bottom.  This completely changes the proportions, but so what?  It's my fantasy!

You'll notice that my drawing skills leave a lot to be desired, and that's just fine since most of my work is abstracted rather than strictly representational.

Without cutting anything, I folded some of the dryer sheets to figure out the color placement and size of the finished piece.  Many of the colors are quite similar, but by layering them and using them like an impressionist, I was hoping to capture the feel of the subtle shading in the glaciers.

I cut a piece of muslin just a tiny bit bigger than I wanted for my finished piece and began to tear and layer the painted dryer sheets.  They stuck in place pretty well, so I just had to be a little careful, not worry about every little breeze!

When they were all layered, I sandwiched the piece in freezer paper and flipped it over.  I applied some watered down acrylic medium from the back and allowed it to dry overnight.  In the morning, I peeled off the paper and went back to work!

The next step was to even up the sides and corners...

...and to pin it to the batting, large enough to form a frame for the wrap and tuck method of backing/binding.  BIG IMPORTANT NOTE - next time I do one of these quilts, I will be adding the batting later, as I will explain next week.  Sigh.

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Anonymous said…
I am fascinated with your project and soo looking forward to how you will stitch this.
I have used some dryer sheets in the past but very sparingly to make rocks for a piece I was making. Also used lint from he dryer after washing some dark clothes to make dark storm clouds but never a complete piece.
You've really captured the look of thee mountaintops. This is lovely (and such a clever technique - dryer sheets!).
Cyndi L said…
Ruth, I was *wondering* about using dryer lint! Thanks for the prod :-) Thank you both for your comments!