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Book review: Cute Quilts for Kids

Kristin Roylance has 6 cute kids of her own, so you can bet she has a lot of experience making Cute Quilts for Kids.  If you've never made a quilt before, this might be the book for you.  What could be more motivating than creating a special treasure for a baby or small child that you love?

The book starts with quiltmaking basics, so never fear if you are a beginner.  In short order, it covers materials and tools, basic piecing, fusible applique, machine quilting, hand embroidery, binding and finishing the edges.

The bulk of the book is 9 projects, which include yardage requirements and patterns so that you can make them exactly as shown if you like or you're a beginner. Although Kristin doesn't really address varying the color choices, if you have any quilting experience, you'll easily be able to see how to customize the quilts to your liking.  Some specifically for boys and some for girls, but with a slight change in colors, you could easily morph any of these quilts.  Others are appropriate for any child, like the dinosaur quilt, "Tromp, Chomp, Stomp!", shown above, or "Rodeo Roundup".    

One of the cutest elements of these quilts is that Kristin has included a 3-dimensional element to each design.  The "Ladybug Landing" quilt, shown below, has flowers that pop right off the background.  Adorable!  "Are We There Yet?", on the cover, features a stop sign pocket to hold toy cars.  Genius!

Photo credits: Martingale, photographer Brent Kane

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